Algo-Strategy Settlement Policy

Algo-Strategy Settlement Policy

Settlement Types & Details

Coinvestor algorithmic strategies utilize a round high water mark settlement method. The High Water Mark settlement method settles profits only when the profit exceeds the applied high water mark. In Coinvestor's Round High Water Mark settlement method, an Initial High-Water Mark is set (the Initial High-water Mark rate may vary depending on the strategy).

For example, if the Initial High Water Mark is set to 5%, the operator's profit share will be settled based on profits above 5%. (See example graph below)


*The High Water Mark is set based on the surpassed profit at each settlement.


Settlement Type : Round High-Water Mark

Settlement Cycle: Every Round

  • There is a lock-up on the trading period for each round.

Settlement Date: On the end date of each round


Settlement Structure Details

Case 1) Profit > HWM (If Profit exceeds HWM)

Operator Share: Principal*(Profit - High Water Mark) * Performance share rate(%)

 * Case 2) If profit is less than HWM, the operator share does not occur.


Investor Share : Net Profit - Operator Share

- Net Profit : Profit - Platform Fee

- Platform Fee : AUM * Platform fee rate(%)


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