Trading Contest 2023

Coinvestor Trading Contest 2023

Create your own strategy, gather investments from public investors and run for best performance.


Attention traders, soon Coinvestor Trading Contest will begin and we're waiting for potential star traders who is ready for both sincere study for the market and responsible for the management. For sure, top-tier traders will gain various benefits to run their strategies on Coinvestor, and also invetors will find various enhancement as a reult of contest review since Coinvestor will examine each and every strategies in detail and will certify for fine strategies to be there with exact instruction.


Contest Outline

Target Strategy Type: Spot Manual

Qualification: Coinvestor Trader (Level 3, KYC required)



Starting date shall be announced in November.

D-21: Creation of Strategy will be activated.

D-Day: Operation will be activated and available for 8 weeks.

D+60: Rank announcement and Prize execution



(1) 1 Strategy for 1 Participant Trader

(2) Rank follows primarily most cumulative ROI and secondly AUM

(3) Trading Fee will be fixed as % of Profit

(4) Stratgies lower than rank 10th shall be closed.



Rank 1-10th strategy will have chance to go public on Coinvestor platform with serial support for investment pool.

Please refer to the specific rules for each round, as they may vary from round to round.