Strategy Closing - $HFA

Strategy Closing - $HFA

On August 17th, 2023 (UTC), We detected suspicious trading activity during routine monitoring. We are taking immediate action and providing you with the relevant information.


Affected Strategy: $HFA

Due to significant market volatility observed yesterday, we suspect that strategy $HFA executed trades not aligned with its intended approach. We are meticulously examining the transaction history of this strategy and currently investigating the background and intent behind these transactions.

Actions Taken

(1) Suspended the trading for strategy $HFA.
(2) Internal Review Sessions of the trading history to analyze the transactions in detail.

Actions To be Taken

(1) Close the current strategy and Return accurate balance to the investors within 5-10 business days.
(2) Report our review and announce policy to prevent the recurrence including enhancement of realtime monitoring.


Coinvestor is committed to consistently providing transparent and reliable information, making every effort to safeguard and support the interests of our investors.

If you have any questions regarding the strategy closure, please feel free to reach out to us at