Algo-Trader Onboarding Process

Algorithmic Strategies Onboarding Process

1. Apply to be a trader 

  • The application requires level-3(KYC) authentication.
  • The application requires backtesting performance of 300 days or more and real-market performance of 30 days or more.
  • The Coinvestor analyst will review the strategy concept and data as part of the due diligence process.

Click to apply to be a trader



If it's the 1st onboarding, Coinvestor limits AUM to under 150k USDT and leverage to under x5.

  • After a minimum of 180 days in operation, if applicable, the AUM limit shall increase, and the 2nd strategy shall be applicable.

  • For the 180-day operation, the strategy must satisfy the risk scores and risk management validation.

  • Then the business team will contact you to arrange a suitable marketing program, including private strategy operation opportunities.


2. Meet up and execute contract

  • Onboarding timeline settlement follows a policy of differentiation and AUM dispersion in the market.

  • Set up a communication channel (Telegram or Kakao) on both sides to compromise details.


3. Deliver the API key and secret key for Coinvestor's Binance subaccount

  • A designated administrator will guide the schedule of operations, including preparation, subscription, operation, and settlement.

  • In case it's necessary, an exceptional test phase for transaction performance and risk management validation can be required.